NORDIC FOS floor heating panels are the housing association's favourite choice



New floor heating panels from Nordic Fos

– quick response time, fast installation, significant energy savings.

In recent years, development in floor heating has seen a shift from heating coils cast into concrete to light floor heating panels that distribute heat quickly. Nordic Fos’s new floor heating panels can regulate floor heating temperatures in just 30 minutes. This saves energy, and they are also easier, faster and cheaper to install, making Nordic Fos’s floor heating panels the ideal solution if a housing association is about to renovate or install floor heating in all or part of the properties. At the same time, eliminating radiators allows optimum use of the layout.



Impressive response time of just 30 minutes

Where traditional floor heating systems based on heating coils cast into concrete typically have a response time of about 24 hours, Nordic Fos’s new floor heating panels reduce this response time to an impressive 30 minutes. This means that a room thermostat can easily and quickly regulate heat consumption during the day – e.g. based on the amount of heat being generated in a room by the sun or based on the number of people in the room – who also generate a lot of heat. This saves homeowners money on heating bills, while also ensuring a much better indoor climate can be maintained.


ALL-IN-ONE solution – for all types of flooring

Nordic Fos’s floor heating panels are the latest floor heating system with an ALL-IN-ONE solution. You only need one panel to complete your floor heating work. The panel includes U-shaped tracks for turning the coils + additional tracks for supply flow, as well as an aluminium coating for heat distribution across the entire panel. The panel has been designed to have an extra high compressive strength, allowing almost all types of flooring to be installed:

  • Wooden flooring
  • Laminate
  • Parquet flooring
  • Herringbone parquet
  • Tiles
  • Natural stone
  • Cast floor, etc.

Read more about the benefits of Nordic floor heating panels here.




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The fast response time increases comfort while minimising energy consumption