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New floor heating panels from NORDIC FOS

- quick response time, fast installation, significant energy savings.

In recent years, development in floor heating has seen a shift from heating coils cast into concrete to light floor heating panels that distribute heat quickly. This helps to reduce energy consumption and reduces heating costs for consumers. NORDIC FOS new floor heating panels can regulate floor heating temperatures in just 30 minutes. This saves energy, while the panels can easily and quickly be installed at a lower cost.



One panel does it all

NORDIC FOS new floor heating panel features aluminium heat distribution across the entire panel, as well as a u-shaped turning track integrated in all panels. This means you now only need one type of panel for the work. The panels are suitable for heating coils with diameters of 12, 16 and 20 mm. They measure 120x60 cm (0.72 m²) and are delivered folded in an easy-to-handle dimension of 60x60 cm and weigh less than 1 kg. This helps to make installation work easier and faster than before.


Important information

NORDIC FOS floor heating panels are the latest floor heating system with an ALL-IN-ONE solution. You only need one panel to complete your floor heating work. The panel includes U-shaped tracks for turning the coils + additional tracks for supply flow, as well as an aluminium coating for heat distribution across the entire panel. NORDIC FOS floor heating panels are produced in XPS 500 with an extra high compressive strength of 50 t/m², allowing almost all types of floor to be installed on top:

  • Wooden flooring
  • Laminate
  • Parquet flooring
  • Herringbone parquet
  • Tiles
  • Natural stone
  • Cast floor, etc.

Temperature tolerances: -20°C to 50°C. During the entire installation process (applies until the entire floor is completed), the panels must have a temperature of at least 10°C. NORDIC FOS floor heating panels may be installed on virtually any type of load-bearing floor structure which has an even and uniform surface.  If NORDIC FOS floor heating panels are to be placed on an existing tile floor, this must be scrubbed and primed to provide optimal adhesion.

Always ensure that the substrate is completely clean and free of oil, grease, wax, etc. It must be firm and without any loose plaster, cement sludge and crackles. If the substrate is very absorbent, it is recommended that a primer is used. In any case, priming should be done where deemed necessary in order to achieve optimum adhesion to the bearing substrate, e.g. on old concrete, plasterboard and wooden substrates


Installation instructions

The subfloor must be load-bearing, firm, even and stable before starting the installation. If the floor is uneven, this should be corrected by using levelling screed prior to installation. The floor heating panels for 16 mm heating coils come in two heights, 19 mm and 25 mm.

16 mm floor heating coils are often used for floors under 100 m² and are most commonly used in residential buildings. They also offer the best heat distribution.

The panels for 20 mm coils are mainly for areas greater than 100 m².

Always use 5-layer underfloor heating coils, as these provide the best results and help prevent creaking in floors. (See NORDIC FOS floor heating coils)



Laying of the panels

Laying the panels is very simple.  When the first row reaches the wall, the NORDIC FOS panels should be cut so that the u-shaped turning track is up against the wall. The leftover panel should be used in the next row. When cutting the NORDIC FOS panels, a utility knife should be used. The NORDIC FOS floor heating panels can be laid to be floating when the upper floor is also laid to be floating. The grooves in the NORDIC FOS floor heating panels have a clever Ω-shape and keep the heating coil in place after just a light push. The u-shaped turning tracks are found on all panels and easily prepared using a utility knife as shown.

Remember. NORDIC FOS floor heating panels can be laid out on the entire floor, but avoid having underfloor heating coils under kitchen cabinets and other fixed cabinets and fixtures.

In order to achieve better acoustics for parquet and laminate floors, we recommend using a flooring underlay.



Parquet/Laminate top flooring

Where parquet or laminated flooring is to be installed, a noise damping underlayment can be laid out to improve acoustics. For glued floors such as strip/herringbone parquet, the floor heating panels are glued/mechanically fastened to the subfloor.


Carpet or vinyl flooring

For flooring such as carpeting or vinyl, a pressure-distributing sheet such as floor plasterboard or similar must first be laid on top of the NORDIC FOS floor heating panels. NORDIC FOS floor heating panels may be used with most brands of flooring and for most types of subfloors. We always recommend that you contact your supplier for advice and support on the correct structure.


Tile flooring

Tiles can safely be laid on NORDIC FOS floor heating panels. The floor heating panels are glued to the subfloor. For gluing, tile adhesive can be used. Tiles have been laid directly on top of these panels for many years with excellent results. The compressive strength of the panels is ≥ 50 t/m². Always follow the instructions of the tile adhesive supplier and use primer on the floor heating panels before adhesion. When the substrate is a stable wooden floor and the final flooring will be tiles, the floor heating panels must, in addition to gluing, be mechanically secured to the subfloor. Here, 4 x 50 mm countersunk screws are used. You will need approximately 20–30 screws per panel.

For tiling, the panels are cleaned and primed prior to tile adhesive being applied to the panels


Wet room membrane on NORDIC FOS floor heating panels

If NORDIC FOS floor heating panels are used in connection with wet room, a screed layer of a thickness of at least 10 mm must be laid out. The screed layer must be cured before further treatment; see the manufacturer's instructions. Afterwards, an approved wet room membrane is installed. In wet rooms, the applicable rules and regulations for waterproofing must always be complied with.

NOTE! All grout used in connection with NORDIC FOS floor heating panels must be of a type suitable for floor heating. We recommend that you contact your supplier of tile adhesive and grout for advice.

If casting is done on top of the NORDIC FOS floor heating panels, priming must be done first, just as edge insulation must be placed along the wall. Edge insulation protects the floor from stress and cracking when exposed to heat stress, etc. When the floor is being tiled, larger floor areas must be divided into fields not exceeding 40 m² using expansion joints.



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