NORDIC FOS floor heating panels / Height 16 mm


This model is only 16 mm in thickness, has 5 grooves and is for 12 mm pipe

The circuit size is recommended for approx. 9 m² and to fit our 90 meter NORDIC FOS Floorheating Pipe.

We have 3 lengths of pipes in 12 mm at 60, 90 or 120 meters


All types of floors can be laid immediately on top of the floor heating plates: tiles, parquet and laminate floors.

If you need vinyl, carpet or herringbone parquet, a 12 mm plate must be laid as a base on the NORDIC FOS Floorheating Plate.


Package size 15 pcs = 10,8 m²

Sold only in whole packages


Price stated is per piece 

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Height 16 mm

Size: 16 x 600 x 1200 mm 0.72 m²

XPS 500 kPa.  Compressive strenght 35 t/m²

CC between tracks: 120 mm

5 tracks per panel

1 circuit approx 9 m²

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