NORDIC FOS floor heating coil 20 mm, 5-layer


160 m / ca. 25 m² (1 circuit)


NORDIC FOS floor heating pipes meet all the requirements for an underfloor heating pipe. The pipe is flexible and easy to work with, even in cold weather. NORDIC FOS floor PE-RT heating pipes are 5-layer EVOH pipes, which means that the oxygen barrier is inside the pipe, ensuring that it does not contribute to any creaking noises when the pipes are used in metallic heat distribution panels.

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NORDIC FOS 16 mm and 20 mm. In addition to underfloor heating, 6 bar pipes are approved for use in High and Low temperature radiators.
Nordic PE-RT 12x2 - 5 layers floor heating pipes 10 bar
Nordic PE-RT 16x2 - 5 layers floor heating pipes 6 bar
Nordic PE-RT 20x2 - 5-layers floor heating pipes 6 bar
Class of application according to ISO 10508. Class 4 Underfloor heating and low temperature radiators. Class 5 High temperature radiators.
Manufactured according to ISO 22319/ ISO 24033/ ISO 21003. Production and product monitoring by Institut KIWA NV.

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